Suzanne Evans Wagner

Associate Chair of Graduate Studies & Research, Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Linguistics

Office: B-401 Wells Hall
Phone: 517-355-9739

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

Suzanne Evans Wagner conducts research on the social motivations of language variation and language change. She is primarily interested in post-adolescent sociolinguistic modification at all levels of the grammar, and in how change over the individual lifespan interacts with language change at the community level. Some of her recent work has investigated ongoing sound change in the Lansing, Michigan area. Her work has been published in Language Variation and Change, Language in SocietyAmerican Speech and Language and Linguistics Compass, among other venues. With Isabelle Buchstaller, she is series editor of Routledge Studies in Language Change, and a co-editor of Panel Studies of Variation and Change.