Regularly Offered Languages


MSU offers a Korean minor for students interested in a deep study of the language and culture. Students who are not at a beginning level may not register for KOR 101. Heritage students with some ability in the language or students with past experience learning Korean should contact the coordinator to determine which level is appropriate. Graduate students or any students needing an override should contact the Korean program coordinator, Dr. Ok-Sook Park.  Korean culture courses are also regularly offered, often under IAH, and any questions should be directed to Dr. Ok-Sook Park.

Hindi (LL Section 002)

Hindi, also called Hindi-Urdu or Hindustani with reference to the spoken vernacular, is one of the official languages of India and one of the most widely spoken languages of the world. Hindi is mutually intelligible with its ‘sister’ language Urdu, however Hindi and Urdu are typically written in different scripts. Truly a ‘world language’, it is understood by about 500 million people, most of them within the Southasian subcontinent! The so-called Hindi belt is a swath of northern and central Hindi where Hindi is the mother tongue of most. While there is great regional variation in the way Hindi is spoken, the form of Hindi taught at MSU is the Delhi standard or ‘Khari Boli’ Hindi. First-year Hindi is taught under LL151 and LL152, second-year under LL251 and 252, and so on.

Other Less Commonly Taught Asian Languages

Numerous other Asian languages are coordinated through the LCTL program and can be found under LL in Schedule of Courses. First year languages are taught under LL151 and LL152, second year languages under LL251 and 252, and so on. Each language corresponds to a different section number. Please contact the LCTL program coordinator Danielle Steider for more information.