The Arabic studies program combines language classes with courses about identity, cultural diversity and Arabic literature. The program provides an integrated approach to education with real-world applications based on national standards. Our linguistically and culturally competent graduates are engaged in solving nationally and internationally pressing issues through their ability to work and interact effectively with Arabic-speaking people in the Arab World and beyond.

We offer

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Small Classes

Benefit from individual attention from nationally and internationally renowned faculty

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Hybrid Curriculum

Hybrid courses that give students more flexibility in their schedule and materials designed specifically for their level and interests

Study Abroad

Experience linguistic and cultural immersion in Jordan and Morocco

Degree Areas


This program is designed to develop both the linguistic and intercultural skills of students to an advanced level of language competency. Students will study modern standard Arabic and Arabic culture and literature. The major focuses on creating proficient speakers of Arabic who can apply their language skills in a variety of disciplines and careers.


Our Minor program will provide students the opportunity to acquire a core of basic knowledge of Arabic language and culture. It is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University.


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Faculty Highlight:

Dr. Ayman Mohamed

Dr. Ayman Mohamed, who specializes in the acquisition of Arabic as second language is leading the move in the offering of first and second year Arabic into hybrid classes. Students have a four day schedule in class, and their fifth day is online practicing. The hybrid project in the Arabic Program was launched in Fall 2016 for first year Arabic and extended in Fall 2017 to second year Arabic classes. It consists of one online hour to replace one class meeting. The online modules reinforce vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening through web-based material that motivates input-processing and guided output. The self-paced structure of the online module allows learners to adjust their performance and make good use of their language resources at their convenience. The hybrid project is  well-suited within the flipped classroom philosophy. One of its major benefits is that it allows the teacher to expose students to a wide variety of authentic material and bring their awareness that language exists outside of the textbook and class worksheets. The Arabic Program would like to thank Dr. Bill Van Patten from the Spanish Program, who is considered an authority in second language acquisition, and who has been generous with his time and expertise, and helped the program with the theoretical underpinning of the hybrid curriculum.

Placement Testing

Students who have previously studied Arabic, or are heritage speakers, and wish to enroll in a course above ARB 101 need to take the placement test.  Students can also take the placement test to demonstrate a level of proficiency in the language.

Contact Information

For questions on placement testing, please contact Dr. Sadam Issa.

For questions on syllabus and curriculum, please contact Dr. Ayman Mohamed.

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