Students who have had previous experience learning Hebrew can take the Hebrew Placement Test

Download and print the test, complete it to the best of your ability. Scan or take pictures of your work and send it to Prof. Yore Kedem –

The Placement Test escalates in difficulty. Each section begins with material covered in HEB 101 and ends with material covered in HEB 202. Following are the instructions for the test:

  • א Cover page – fill in your personal information
  • ב Fill in the prepositions (some will need to be conjugated)
  • ג Ask questions on the sentences, you should ask about the part that’s underlined
  • ד Fill in the blanks with verbs from the verb lists on top of each passage. Pay attention to the tense and conjugation of the verbs
  • ה Fill in the blanks with prepositions. Make sure to conjugate them if needed
  • ו Correct the mistake in the sentences (each sentence has only one mistake)
  • ז Unscramble the sentences
  • ח Answer the questions on the reading comprehension texts

The test should take around 2-3 hours. You can use a paper dictionary, do not use any translation websites or digital dictionaries. No credit is awarded for having taken the placement test, it will be used to determine which Hebrew class would fit you best.