Primary Major in Russian (32 credits)

  1. All of the following courses:
    1. RUS 201: Second-Year Russian I (4 credits)
    2. RUS 202: Second-Year Russian II (4 credits)
    3. RUS 420: Russian Culture Before World War I (3 credits)
    4. RUS 421: Russian Culture of the 20th Century (3 credits)
    5. RUS 440: Contemporary Russian Culture (3 credits)
    6. RUS 441: Russian Literature (3 credits)
  2. For the remaining elective credits, students may choose from:
    1. RUS 231: Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation (3 credits)
    2. RUS 232: Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation (3 credits)
    3. RUS 242: Russian and Eastern European Science Fiction (3 credits)
    4. RUS 250: Russian Cinema (3 credits)
    5. RUS 290: Independent Study (1-6 credits)
    6. RUS 311: Advanced Russian Conversation (3 credits)*
    7. RUS 341: Russian Life and Culture of the 20th Century (3 credits)*
    8. RUS 490: Independent Study (1-6 credits)
    9. RUS 491: Special Topics in Russian Studies (1-6 credits)
    10. RUS 493: Overseas Internship (1-12 credits)
    11. RUS 499: Senior Thesis Research (1-6 credits)
  3. Completion of a capstone experience:
    1. The capstone experience offers students the opportunity to apply their Russian skills, either in a Russian-speaking country or by way of a specially designed project or thesis completed on campus. To fulfill the Capstone experience, you may enroll in an independent study, a senior thesis research, an overseas experience in a Russian-speaking country, or an approved project in an advanced Russian language course.
  4. Cognate Requirement (15 credits)
    1. Selected courses must be from a single discipline or thematic area and be advisor approved. At least one course must be at the 300-400 level. Cognate requirement is waived if completing another major or minor.
  5. College of Arts & Letters Experiential Requirement
    1. Earn a minimum of 3 credits in one of the following experiential education options through an associated course approved by the College: internship, service/community engaged service learning experience, undergraduate research or creative project directed by a faculty member, a study abroad program, or a study away program.

* only available on Latvia study abroad program

Additional Major in Russian (26 credits)

All of the requirements listed for the Primary Major in Russian under #1, #2, and #5.