How long will this minor take?

This minor requires 5 classes, at least 17 credits: KOR 201. KOR 202, KOR 301 (these three classes make up 11 of the 17 credits), and two of the following: KOR 291, KOR 302, KOR 401, KOR 402, KOR 491. If you’re starting with no prior Korean experience, you’ll have to take KOR101-102 as well. The minor should take about 3 years, depending on the electives you choose (KOR291 is a special topics class that can be taken in conjunction with Korean language courses, KOR 491 is an independent studies class) (KOR291 and KOR491 can each be retaken to earn 6 credits because the content is different each semester).

What can you do with this minor?

TESOL in Korea, working with Korean diaspora, work in Korea/with Korean businesses, working with the government, working with non-profit organizations, graduate school.

What can I pair this minor with?

This minor can be paired with anything, but common pairings are business degrees, linguistics, film studies, communications, etc. and the tesol minor is a commonly coupled minor with Korean (list Korean language students and their specialties).