The primary major in Russian leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree and consists of required core and elective courses (32-credit minimum) in Russian language, literature, culture, and cinema (beyond first-year Russian language). Students with a primary major in another field may complete an additional major by taking 26 semester credits in Russian beyond first-year language. All courses are interactive and emphasize communication skills; students of Russian receive individual attention in smaller classes.

Why Study Russian?

Recent world events have only reinforced the importance of studying the language and culture of Russia. You may study Russian language, literature, and culture as part of your multicultural education or as a complement to a profession in scientific research, government service, international business, or education. The undergraduate program in Russian at Michigan State University is designed to help you develop proficiency in the Russian language, literature, and culture. Outside fields of specialization such as business, international relations, history, political science, and education are available as additional majors. The Russian program places great emphasis on in-country experience through study abroad and internships. All students are encouraged to study in a Russian-speaking country on an MSU or MSU-approved program.

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After Graduation

With a degree in Russian, you can pursue careers in a wide range of areas. Some of our graduates have been employed as an airline official in Moscow, a foreign correspondent in Moscow and Tbilisi for NPR, an English-language newspaper editor in St. Petersburg, American embassy staff in Moscow, and an accountant at an international accounting firm in Moscow, as well as faculty at various U.S. colleges and universities. Recent events mean that demand for those with knowledge about Russia is increasing, especially in government and non-profit organizations.

If you decide to pursue graduate studies in Russian or in economics, history, international business, political science, or comparative literature, you will discover that your undergraduate degree in Russian from MSU will qualify you to do graduate work throughout the world. Members of the Russian faculty are knowledgeable about opportunities for graduate study and are ready to help you identify and select programs that meet your career goals.