The following requirements are effective Fall 2018.  Students that declared a Chinese major or minor prior to Fall 2018 should consult with the department advisor about their individual requirements and options for their major or minor.

Students waiving any of the Chinese language class requirements still need to earn the minimum total credits required for the major or minor through additional approved CHS elective courses. See the department advisor for more information.

Chinese Major and 2nd Degree (34 credits)

  1. All of the following courses (19 credits):
    1. CHS 202: Second-Year Chinese II (5 credits)
    2. CHS 301: Third-Year Chinese I (4 credits)
    3. CHS 302: Third-Year Chinese II (4 credits)
    4. CHS 401: Fourth-Year Chinese I (3 credits)
    5. CHS 402: Fourth-Year Chinese II (3 credits)
  2. All of the following additional courses (12 credits):
    1. CHS 350: Studies in Chinese Language (3 credits)
    2. CHS 366: Chinese Culture: Tradition & Modernity (3 credits)
    3. CHS 410: Chinese Short Stories (3 credits)
    4. CHS 466: Modern Chinese Literature & Film (3 credits)
  3. Chinese Electives (3 credits):
    1. CHS 291: Special Topics in Chinese (1-4 credits)
    2. CHS 360: Chinese Film Studies (3 credits)
    3. CHS 411: Advanced Spoken Chinese (3 credits)
    4. CHS 491: Special Topics in Chinese Studies (3 credits)
  4. Capstone Experience:
    1. This requirement may be satisfied by completing special assignments in CHS 302 (in China), 366, 402, or 466.
  5. Cognate Requirement (15 credits):
    1. Selected courses must be from a single discipline or thematic area (East Asian Studies theme recommended) and be advisor approved. At least one course must be at the 300-400 level. Cognate requirement is waived if completing another major, minor, or teacher certification.
  6. College of Arts & Letters Experiential Requirement:
    1. Earn a minimum of 3 credits in one of the following experiential education options through an associated course approved by the College: internship, service/community engaged service learning experience, undergraduate research or creative project directed by a faculty member, a study abroad program, or a study away program.

Other Available Programs

Additional Major in Chinese (31 credits)

Complete all of the requirements listed for the primary major in Chinese under #1, #2, and #6.

Teaching Major in Chinese (37 credits)

All of the requirements listed for the primary major in Chinese under #1, #2, #4, and #6, as well as CHS 411 and LLT 307 (Teaching Methods)

Chinese Teaching Major for Native Chinese Speakers

Students whose first language is Chinese that are interested in K-12 teacher certification in Chinese and are applying to or admitted to the College of Education should consult with the department advisor about their individual requirements and options for their teaching major or minor.