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TA Awards

  • Department Outstanding TA (PhD) 
  • Department Outstanding TA (MA) 

Scholarship in SLS 

  • Susan M. Gass Scholarships  
    The Susan M. Gass Scholarship Awards in Research, Teaching, and Service honor MSU University Distinguished Professor Emerita Dr. Susan M. Gass, who founded the Second Language Studies Program at Michigan State University. With funding from donations to the Second Language Studies Program in honor of Dr. Gass, awards are presented at the end of the academic year to outstanding Second Language Studies Ph.D. Students who had exceptional achievements in Research, Teaching, or Service, respectively, during the academic year. 

Fellowships/Scholarships/Honors Societies in German 

  • Delta Phi Alpha, German Honors Society (JSC) 
    Delta Phi Alpha: “Delta Phi Alpha is the German Honor Society. Students must have completed two years of German study at the university level and show commitment to continuing with German. GPA requirements are a minimum of 3.5 in German courses and 3.0 or higher in overall GPA. Membership in Delta Phi Alpha also confers the possibility for applying for study abroad scholarships to Germany. 
  • Max Kade Fellowship (Grad) 
  • Varg-Sullivan Endowed Graduate Award 
  • Baden-Württemberg Scholarship 
  • George F. Peters Scholarship 
  • Mayen Endowed Scholarship 
  • Max Kade Award (Mayen) 
  • Thomas W. and Sarah L. Juntune Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad in Freiburg 
  • H. Craig Melchert Endowed Fund for German and Linguistics 

Undergraduate Awards 

  • Outstanding Graduating Senior Awards (Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Linguistics, Russian, TESOL) 

Awards/Honors in  Japanese 

  • Japanese National Honors Society 
  • Endo Hudson Japanese Studies Scholarship  

Awards in Linguistics 

  • H. Craig Melchert Endowed Fund for German and Linguistics 

Honors in  Russian 

  • Dobro Slovo, Slavic Honors Society  
    Dobro Slovo is the National Slavic Honor Society, founded in 1926 at the University of California at Berkeley. Michigan State University has had a chapter of the society since 1982. Students who have studied Slavic language, literature, culture, and related subjects for at least 2 years with a good grade point average are eligible to join in the spring of each year. If there are questions about this society, please contact MSU’s Chapter Advisor, Shannon Quinn (