CAL in the Classroom

This past November 7, 2020 alumni and retired staff/faculty had the opportunity to attend a new virtual event called CAL in the Classroom. CAL in the Classroom is an event taught by current College of Arts & Letters faculty where attendees get an insider’s look at MSU’s College Arts & Letters (CAL) research and education while networking with fellow alumni, faculty, and students.

This program included five featured talks. Full sessions are available in the video above. Below was the agenda for the event.

Talk #1: Why Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Matter

Presented by Dr. Jonathan Choti, Professor of African Languages in the Department of Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages.

Talk #2: Innovations in Modern Choreography: Intimacy for the Stage

 Presented by Alexis Black, Assistant Professor of Movement in the Department of Theatre.

Talk #3: Seeing Is Believing: The Curious Case of the Contested Image of Elvira Eliza Field

Presented by Dr. Amy DeRogatis, Professor of Religion and American Culture in the Department of Religious Studies.

Talk #4: Babylon Revisited: History, Memory, and Forgetting in Psalm 13:7

Presented by Dr. David Stowe, Professor in the Department of Religious Studies.

Talk #5: Archive of Malian Photography: Supporting the Preservation & Accessibility of Photographic Archives in Mali, West Africa

Presented by Dr. Candace Keller, PhD Associate Professor of African Art in the Department of Art, Art History and Design.

A special thank you goes out to Rob Roznowski, Professor of Acting, Head of Acting and Directing, in the Department of Theatre for his leadership in this event.