Susanne Pohl

Degree/Year: Spanish, minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, 2013
Company: Shanghai StarRiver Bilingual School
Position: 7th Grade Honors English Teacher, 8th Grade Standard Plus English Teacher, Spanish Teacher
City/State: Shanghai, China

You will be challenged, and this will be the best way to help you grow.

In my 7th Grade Honors Literature class and 8th Grade Standard Plus English class, I design new curriculum, apply my skills for teaching aspects of language (grammar, vocabulary, etc.), and discuss literature
with my students. In my Spanish class, I give students a preview of the language and do mostly introductory lessons. Although my focus is currently teaching English as a second language, my Spanish class keeps my passion for the language alive. I am working to better myself in both areas so I can help learners of both languages in the future. 

My major helped me to understand second language learners and
the obstacles they might encounter. I am driven to design activities that
are beneficial to my students and create an environment that encourages a high level of language learning. I am always working on creating new projects in each grade. I challenge myself to present content with creative and deep-thinking activities. Additionally, I challenge my students to produce high-quality work, maintain a strong work ethic, and be aware of culture. I have learned these important standards and the environment of
a language classroom from my personal classroom experiences at the College of Arts & Letters.

If you are interested in trying something different than what your degree says, try it! If you want to pursue something in your degree that requires you to take time to go somewhere other than the United States, then do it! If you want to pursue exactly what your degree offers, that is fantastic too! Be open to new experiences. New experiences help you to be adaptable, resilient and open minded. You will be challenged, and this will be the best way to help you grow.