Susan Gass

University Distinguished Professor

Office: B-230 Wells Hall
Phone: 517-353-0800

Ph.D., Indiana University, M.A., UCLA

Susan Gass is University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures. Her research is in Second Language Acquisition and includes the areas of Input and Interaction, Language Universals and Language Transfer. She has published widely in the field of second language acquisition with more than 100 articles and more than 40 books (including translations of her articles and books into Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Russian). Her most recent publications include: Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory Course (with Jennifer Behney and Luke Plonsky, 2013) and Second Language Research: Methodology and Design (with Alison Mackey, 2016), and more specialized books:  Salience in Second Language Acquisition (2018),co-edited with Jennifer Behney and Patti Spinner, Judgments in Second Language Research, with Patti Spinner (2019), all published by Routledge. Additionally, she recently co-edited (2019) Foreign Language Proficiency in Higher Education with Paula Winke, published by Springer. . She is the winner of numerous awards within Michigan State University as well as national and international awards. She is an honorary member of the American Association for Applied Linguistics and the International Association of Applied Linguistics. She serves on numerous editorial boards and is the current editor of Studies in Second Language Acquisition. She co-edits (with Alison Mackey) the Second Language Acquisition Research series, published by Routledge.

Research Interests

More recently, she has become interested in the area of attention and how it relates to acquisition. She has written/edited a number of books on second language acquisition and has taught and lectured in various parts of the world.