The MA TESOL is a flexible degree that allows students to pursue a variety of employment opportunities within their communities. This page showcases some profiles of previous MA TESOL alumni, demonstrates what they were able to pursue with their degree, and offers advice for current and prospective MA TESOL students.

Christopher Garth

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2013

English Program Coordinator at the Japan Center for Michigan University

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Sarah Hodge

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2006

ESL/EFL specialist with the United States Air Force/Defense Language Institute English Language Center 

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Ibrahim Kanda

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2014

Academic Coordinator at the American English Language Center in Niger

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Boram Koo

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2014

Head Teacher at UNESCO Global Peace Center (Icheon English Village)

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Ryan Miller

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2009

Associate Professor in TESOL at Kent State in Kent, Ohio.

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Quy Pham

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2020

Visiting lecturer of English at International University, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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Mariah Shafer

Graduated the MA TESOL in 2010

Outreach Director at the Refugee Development Center in East Lansing

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