Students Participate in Learning Abroad Conference

Two students from the Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures recently presented at the 11th annual Learning Abroad Conference (LAC). Co-sponsored by the Office for Education Abroad and the Office for International Students and Scholars, this conference features MSU students sharing about their international experiences in the U.S and abroad. 

This year’s theme was “Growing through Challenge: Learning Abroad in a Time of Change.” Michelle Sanda, a LiLaC student majoring in German and French, with a minor in Korean, gave a presentation titled “Language, Academic, and Personal Growth in a New Culture.” She shared insights from her study abroad experience in Freiburg, Germany, highlighting her growth in language proficiency, exposure to different academic cultures, and personal awareness. 

Eleanor Pugh, another LiLaC student who majors in Russian, Anthropology, and International Relations, presented on “Encounters with Culture in Kyrgyzstan.” Her presentation covered her time in Kyrgyzstan, which was made possible by a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) grant funded by the U.S Department of State. From language lessons to greater cultural awareness, Eleanor touched on the rich history and diversity of Kyrgyz culture.   

Both students highlighted how immersive international experiences lead to eye-opening personal growth and learning that extends far beyond the classroom. If you think that you would be interested in presenting next year, keep an eye out on the Office for Education Abroad’s website for the Call for Proposals.